Before deciding on which outfit to wear, we must know about the type of fabric which are most suitable for the monsoon season. The fabric of clothes should be such that they dry off quickly and resist the stains of mud and water. It’s better to avoid fabrics which stick to skin when they get wet.

The first step to decode monsoon dressing is choosing the right fabric or the post-rain humidity will kill the vibe. Experts suggest that one can opt for something that’s not too sheer yet light on the skin.

Cotton: Cotton is an excellent material for the humid climate as it allows air to flow in and around the skin, creating a cooling effect while keeping you dry. It will not stick to your body and will not soak water. Cotton is an all-time favourite. Cotton clothes are also very breathable which makes them comfortable and even versatile in changing temperature. A huge collection of cotton sari, top, frockkurti and selwar-kamij suit are already available in everyone’s wardrobe.

Rayon: This fabric can feel like silk yet is similar to cotton and linen in its cool and airy construction. It does not trap body heat and absorbs moisture easily. So you can have a collection of rayon dresses for this monsoon.

Chambray: Chambray is a great choice for monsoon because it breathes beautifully. It is light, summery and does not stick to the body. Therefore a bright colour chambray top, kurti or frock can be perfect for monsoon days.

Denim: A lot of people believe that denims are not meant for monsoon. Yes, they aren’t very comfortable for the monsoon, but denims are very practical to wear in this weather. Denims resist muck and mud, so there will be less mess. Since jeans are rough and tough, they won’t get easily damaged as well. That’s why Denim can be the perfect material for rainy season and if you want to wear it right this monsoon, there is nothing better than ripped denim pant or jacket.

Polyester-blends: If you are up for some skin to show this monsoon, stock your wardrobe with polyester crop tops, frocks or kurtis. They are stylish, comfortable and perfect for the rainy season. Cotton mixed polyester has the comfort and breathability of cotton plus they don’t retain moisture which works great for the monsoon.

Silk: Silk is also a great fabric for monsoon. Wear crepe silk, art silk, semi-tussar silk or cotton mixed silk and you will feel blessed for the idea. These blended fabrics are comfortable and dry up quickly. They will break the monotony and add colour to the gloomy weather. To get that perfect outdoorsy look for the rainy season, a colourful crepe dress is just perfect. You can also go for silk sari, tops, frock or kurti.

Chiffon/Georgette: Chiffon and Georgette are really practical fabrics for the rain. The best part is that even you get wet in the rain; these fabrics dry up in no time at all, so you don’t have to worry much. And of course chiffon is flowy and loose so you will feel relaxed. Wear Chiffon or Georgette topskurti, frock or sari.

Khadi: This material does not get soggy and stays un-crumpled and in place. It doesn’t tend to run colour when it gets wet. These days, there are a lot of clothes available in the markets that are made of khadi, apart from sari and kurti.

Not to wear: Light weight fabrics, which easily dry are the common favourites of the season, while those that have high water absorbent qualities are an absolute stay away. Linen and Knits are surely not meant for this season. These fabrics shrink when they come in contact with water. Avoid something like Raw silk that can get spoiled easily. Stay away from prints and fabrics that tend to bleed colour when wet.

During the rainy season it is very important that you keep protective stuffs with you whenever you go out. You should carry an umbrella or raincoat to save yourself completely.