Dressing is a skill that actually can be learned. It’s a way of standing out from everyone around you. Now a day’s men are as aware of fashion as girls. This the reason I am writing today to show a style guide for our dashing men.

If you are a fun lover; like casual wearing or you are a corporate worker; has to wear formal dress most of the time, both of you can rely on our todays article. Because here you will find every dress code suggestion for your fashion up do.

Suitable colors for men: Every man’s wardrobe should be based around neutral colours. Because they are not overpowering and can easily mix with each other. Neutral colours like white, black, navy blue, olive, khaki, grey and brown are essentially self-working. It is also a very masculine colour palette. To avoid boredom of your attire or to have twist, keep one third of your wardrobe in print and bright colours.

Casual style: Colour and texture have a lot more weight in casual style than they do in other styles. In casual style you can bring in rich red and a variety of other colours. When it comes to your casual shirt, if you don’t want to change up the colour, change up the style. Try different pockets, contrasting buttons or an entirely different style.

Choose a t-shirt or a polo shirt with a close fit, it should be tight on your chest, and shouldn’t fall past your belt. Keep your polo or t-shirt untucked if you are wearing it with jeans alone, but it looks better tucked in with a sports jacket. When you are going much more casual, try a denim jacket. Pair it with your leather shoes, loafers or snickers. Wear a monochrome braided leather belt that go great with jeans.

Classic style: Classic styles are like classic movies. That’s the advantage of classic styles of clothes. They are time tested to look good. A leather jacket, t-shirt, dark blue jeans and boots, still looks good today. Solid colours and graphic/logo-less clothes make you look more refined and mature.

Formal style: Formal styles are dominated by neutral colours. A complete suit with a bright colour or small printed shirt is stylish but yet best looking formal attire. Carry it with an appropriate tie. You can wear blazer with your jeans if you want a business-casual look. Cuff the sleeves of your blazer or roll up your shirts sleeve when you feel overdressed. Wear formal shoes, or you can wear monk strap shoes to look even more stylish.

Traditional style: An embellished sherwani or punajbi with churider is forever a safe and elegant option for your traditional look. You can put in a twist to the outfit by adding a light floral shawl for those colder nights. Another option for your traditional attire is wearing a plain colour Punjabi with a floral silk jacket. You can complete the look with nagra chappals or any black shoes.

Accessories: Accessories make your outfit complete. The simpler your outfit, the bolder your accessories can be. Limit your accessories to one per body part. Try out some masculine jewelry like a bracelet, watch, belt, sunglasses.

Watch the watch: You would want a watch that looks stylish but not stuffy. Both metal and leather straps can be worn with jeans. Leather is generally more formal, but a rough leather strap looks great with a more rugged outfit like jeans. Wood and metal combination watch is bold, stylish and goes perfect with a casual look.

Belt: Your belt, shoes and watch strap should match as closely as possible. If you have got black shoes on, make sure your belt is black.

Bonus tips: Make sure your hair looks like you have made an effort, get a nice haircut. Don’t let your facial hair get out of control.

Always iron your clothing. Don’t look sloppy with creased or wrinkled garments. There you have it gentlemen, enjoy your dressing down with style.