A job interview is your first chance to make an impression. Dressing for success is a big part of an interview process. Both men and women who want to impress with style need inspiration for their interview attire.

Fabric: Choose natural fibers like cotton or silk that is blended with synthetic materials like polyester. They lift humidity from your skin within at the same time as lasting presentable on the outside. Go for those clothes that are made in lightweight materials. Ladies can experiment with fabrics like sheer silk chiffon, which works great when layered over a camisole.

Colour: Solid colours like navy, dark gray and black in particular, look professional without being distracting. You can certainly add a pop of colour to a neutral interview outfit (such as a red scarf or a tie). Although it is important that your interview attire is professional and conservative, doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with colour. A tasteful dress in an interesting colour such as a muted turquoise or deep red is a good addition to your interview wardrobe. When working with bright colours though, make sure the rest of the dress is modest.

Print and pattern: Don’t be afraid of prints. Although you should avoid anything too bright or flashy, a two tone print can spice up an otherwise boring outfit while still looking professional. If you are going to wear bold print, limit to one print and keep the rest of the outfit simple. Small patterns are the best.

Men’s dress-code: A navy, gray or black suit over a colourful, small printed or pinstriped button-down will give you a look that is modern and stylish but still interview appropriate. Worn with a tie, it is a bit more business formal or worn without a tie it will be business casual. Wear black formal shoes with this attire.

Women’s dress-code: Ladies can wear their seloyar-suit, kurti, even a top with dark washed jeans. Just remember to follow our print and colour rules. If you want to wear a sari, wear it only if you can carry it properly. Choose dress code you are comfortable with. It is always important to make sure that both the neckline and hemline are appropriate. Remember that the neckline should be modest and the piece should cover you appropriately. Add a pair of ballet, flats or loafers instead of heels. You can wear medium heels if you have to, but avoid high heels.

Don’t overdo your makeup. When wearing accessories to an interview, less is more. It’s also important to choose accessories that will enhance your interview attire; not overwhelm it. Carry a bag or purse which is appropriate with your formal look.

Other tips: Your hairstyle should not distract the recruiter. You will want your hair to be professional and polished like your entire outfit. Limit your perfume. Wear a wrist watch which would be a symbol of your punctuality and will compliment your look as well. Make sure that what you are wearing should be free of wrinkles or even rips and holes.

First impression are important than ever. Interviewees need to pay attention to everything from what they wear and how they are groomed.